We are the Australian seafood industry

and we are committed to putting the best Australian seafood on your table now and for generations to come.

To ensure we do this in ways we are all proud of, we promise to:


 Actively care for Australia’s oceans and environment and work with others to do the same;


Be transparent and accountable for our actions;


Value our people, look after them and keep them safe;


Engage with the community and listen to their concerns;


Respect the seafood we harvest and the wildlife we interact with;


Continually improve our practices.

This is our pledge to you

Following industry and community research, Seafood Industry Australia developed Our Pledge as a commitment from the Australian seafood industry to the people of Australia. Our Pledge responds to issues the community identified as important, presenting the Australian seafood industry’s actions and position.

The initiative has been designed to provide information on the Australian seafood industry’s management, operations and regulations via storytelling and transparency. With the aim to enhance the industry’s position as trusted, sustainable and prosperous producers. 

For independent, on-the-go information on the sustainability of Great Australian Seafood visit www.fish.gov.au or download your free copy of the “SAFS – Sustainable Fish Stocks” app available via:

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The Great Australian Seafood brand and 2020 launch campaign was funded by the Australian Government under the $1 Billion COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund.